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The United States Supreme Court recently made the monumental decision to allow gay marriage in all 50 states. It did not take long for the first homosexual couple to go and get a marriage license. Watch as Coosa Valley News interviews the first couple to get married in Floyd County.

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Greece What Now?  
 Euro - In, Out, or What?

On Sunday, Greek voters rejected the latest European bailout plan, which was already off the table. Polls show that more 70% of Greeeks want to stay in the Eurozone at the same time, that 60% voted against a plan that would have done that.

Apparently, there thought or hope is that the rest of Europe will cave and continue to fund their on-going deficits.

At this point, Greece is not paying interest on its over $300 billion in debt. Nor is there any realistic way that it can or will. It has deal with the conditions that created the problem, including:

  • Pensions
  • Corruption
  • Tax avoidance
  • High Taxes
  • Political Jobs

With out more Euro money, further cuts in government spending will happen immedicately. Bank deposits will be confiscated. Banks will run out of cash. Moving money out of the country will be controlled, making it difficult to import or export. Even domestic transactions will be impacted. Paying for fuel, seeds, fertilizer, medicines, and many more items will be a problem.

All of these are likely in the short term.

While Greece is getting the headlines, Puerto Rico is in much the same situation, only in the Western Hemisphere. As with Greece, the problem is decades in the making and with no easy solution.

In the Far East, China`s stock market have fallen dramatically after hitting record highs in early June.

Don`t Forget Puerto Rico and China

Floyd Bowling  and  Amusement Center Local News
  • Gordon Co Police Investigating Shooting Death - Update: Gordon County authorities are searching for Fred Jason `Freddie` Charles, age 35, a white/male described as being 5’10 in height, 250 lbs weight, with brown hair and hazel eyes, in connection with a shooting death investigation. He is believed to be accompanied by a second, unidentified white/male and occupying the dark blue Nissan ‘Xterra’ bearing Tennessee license plate R6278L, which is reported to have a large `New England Patriots` decal on the rear window. Anyone seeing ‘Freddie’ Charles or the vehicle in question should NOT approach him or the automobile but should notify 911 and/or law enforcement authorities immediately.
    Shortly after midnight Monday, Gordon County deputy sheriffs were dispatched to a private residence on Baxter Road in the Dews Pond community in unincorporated Gordon County in response to a report of a woman having been found unresponsive. Upon arrival, deputies located the body of a 35 year old woman who’d been shot.
  • Rome Police Maj. Returns from Training in Israel - Major Deborah K. Burnett of the Rome Police Department has returned home after spending two weeks in Israel for training in the latest counterterrorism techniques and technologies by that nation`s top police officers. She joined a delegation of sheriffs, police chiefs, a deputy commissioner and an inspector from 17 Georgia public safety and law enforcement agencies, as well as law enforcement leaders from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who participated in the 23rd annual peer-to-peer public safety training program organized by the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) at Georgia State University.
  • Rome Police Issue Statement on Downtown Issues - In response to several requests from citizens, The Rome Police Department is asking motorists to please be mindful of the laws regarding pedestrian foot traffic in the downtown Rome area. The downtown historical area of Rome is a very highly travelled pedestrian corridor. Crosswalks are in place so that citizens are safely able to cross the roadway while enjoying the area, and oftentimes motorists do not take the time to stop and safely allow just that. O.C.G.A. 40-6-91 states: `(a) The driver of a vehicle shall stop and remain stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching and is within one lane of the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling or onto which it is turning. It also states that `(b) No pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impractical for the driver to yield.`
  • Traffic Related Deaths Up on July 4th Holiday - The Georgia State Patrol released its final July Fourth Holiday Traffic Counts on Monday. This year`s 72 hour holiday period saw 6 fatalities in the state, up one from last year. Three of the deaths were reported in Dekalb with one each in Villa Rica, Statesboro and Douglas.
  • Holiday Gas Prices Reach 4 Year Low - AAA forecast the most auto travelers for the Independence Day holiday on record, and motorists in Florida and Tennessee found the cheapest gas prices for the holiday since 2009, while gasoline in Georgia was the lowest since 2010.
  • Man Assaults Mom, Uncle. Arrested - Robert Nathan Holcomb, 30 of Rome, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and uncle with a knife. Reports said that Holcomb jabbed a knife at his mother and uncle at a home on East Drive. They added that Holcomb said, `I’m not scared to stick you,` before grabbing his mother by the throat and shoving her against a wall.
  • Jersey Men Arrested with Stolen Items in Rome - Two men were arrested over the weekend after Floyd County police said they drove from New Jersey to Rome with a stolen car and credit cards. Vitaly Nikolas McCloskey, 19, and Luis Khamar Arias, 19, of Newark, New Jersey, were found at the Days Inn on Turner McCall Blvd. Police allegedly found three stolen credit cards on their possession during their arrest.
  • Dalton Man Arrested in Rome Robbery - Eric Jordan Hunter, 22 of Dalton found himself behind bars in Floyd County over the holiday weekend after police said stole $1,500 from a victim by using force at a location on Floyd Springs Road. Police added that the victim was found on the side of the road between Martha Berry Highway and Ga. 140 at Floyd Springs road back on May 18.
  • Rome Man Threatens Wife with Knife - Jeremy Ray Rogers, 33 of Rome, has been arrested for allegedly threatening not kill his wife. Reports said that Rogers said that he was going to kill his wife while she was on the telephone with 911. Reports added that Rogers had a pocket knife on him at the time.
  • Accounting Error Will Cost Floyd, Rome Millions - The Georgia Department of Revenue has informed finance officials of local Rome and Floyd County governments of a sales tax refund request settlement that will require the community to remit funds back to the Department of Revenue. From the information provided, a local industry made an accounting error spanning from 2005-2012 in the amount of $3,943,578.86. The local sales taxes impacted are Local Option Sales Tax (LOST), Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales (ELOST).
  • Cancer Navigators to Host Motorcycle Ride - For Buddy Bagley, an annual motorcycle ride is a way to give back after his wife died of cancer. That’s why he’ll be leading the 6th annual Ride for Cancer Navigators on July 11th, a benefit for the Rome nonprofit that serves patients and their families in Northwest Georgia. ‘When my wife first got cancer, Cancer Navigators was a great inspiration and a great help to me,” Bagley said. “They helped me in every way.’
  • Alcohol Forces Summerville Concert Series to Move - Chattooga County announced that they have moved its `Second Saturday Concert Series` to Trion from Summerville. According to reports, organizers had issues with patrons `brown bagging` beverages at the event. This became and issue because last summer the Summerville City Council said that it an alcohol license would be required for the group that brings their own alcohol.
Forum Civic Center Our Choices
  • Rep. Loudermilk Speaks on Gay Marriage Ruling - Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) has issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, `Twice this week the Supreme Court has ignored the foundational intentions of the Constitution. Marriage has always been recognized in this nation as a religious institution, which the founders recognized is outside the realm of the federal government. Therefore, any recognition or licensing of marriage by government was left within the power of the states.`
  • Usher the Return of Citizen Legistators - For too long, career politicians in Washington, D.C., have focused more on advancing their own careers than helping the people they are elected to serve. More than eight in 10 Americans believe that our political leaders are more interested in protecting their own power and privilege than doing what is right for the American people. THAT’S JUST WRONG. Now, more than ever, we should institute term limits for Washington politicians and return to the concept of citizen legislators.
  • Isakson: Obama`s OT Proposal Hurts Middle Class - U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., recently denounced President Obama’s latest plan to take over decision-making for American businesses and working families, saying the administration’s proposed expansion of overtime pay eligibility could force small businesses to cut jobs or reduce salaries and could deprive middle class workers of the chance to negotiate flexible work schedules.
Harbin Clinic Area News
Savings Corner - Presented by Northwest Georgia Credit Union
Saving Money on Back to School

It`s July: the kids are out of school, and you`re enjoying trips to the beach and all of the joys of summer. But did you realize the first day of school is just a little over 3 weeks away! Where did the summer go?!

Preparing for back to school can be expensive. Families are known to spend upwards of $500 for back to school clothes, supplies, and other August necessities. Whew! That`s a lot of money, so I started looking for good deals and tips to save money during this back to school shopping frenzy.

  • Go through your school supplies at home before going to the store. Only buy things you don`t already have at home.
  • Stick to the teacher`s list. The teacher knows what students will need, so there`s no need to pick up any extras.
  • Check out Staples and their awesome 25 cent deals.
  • Use hand-me-down supplies from older siblings.
  • Shop for clothes at outlet malls. You can find great deals at the end of the summer.
  • Set limits on clothes before heading out to the store.

Don`t forget the tax free weekend is coming up! You can shop tax free August 1st and 2nd . If you can put off most of your purchases until after the first week of school, this is another great way to save a little cash.

Stephanie Graves

  • Gretchen Caughman Named Regents U. President - University System of Georgia (USG) Chancellor Hank Huckaby has named Dr. Gretchen B. Caughman as interim president at Georgia Regents University. Caughman currently serves as executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at GRU. She was appointed to vice president and provost Jan. 2013. Prior to the consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, she was appointed interim provost of the Medical College of Georgia in Sept. 2010 and became executive vice president for academic affairs and provost of Georgia Health Sciences University in June 2011. She is also a professor in the College of Dental Medicine, the Medical College of Georgia (Medicine) and the Graduate School at GRU.
  • DeKalb Jail Inmate Killed by Cellmate - DeKalb County Sheriff’s officials are looking into the death of an inmate at the DeKalb County Jail. Jah’Corey D. Tyson, 23, was pronounced dead at DeKalb Medical Center Over the weekend after sustaining injuries during an altercation with his cellmate, Donte Lamar Wyatt, 33. The death resulted with charges against Wyatt.
  • Teen Killed by Stray Bullet in Fulton County - Fulton County police are investigating the shooting death of 16-year-old Rasheedah Evans, who was shot inside her College Park home. Police said Evans was hit by a stray bullet. Investigators say this fatal shooting was the result of celebratory gunfire, and That herdeath was unintentional. Police added that Marcel Smith, 23, was announced as a person of interest in this shooting. He is described as a 6 feet tall black male weighing around 185 pounds.
  • Three Arrested After 100 Kilos of Cocaine Seized - Members of the GBI West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Office, along with the Georgia State Patrol and the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety recently conducted a joint investigation resulting in the seizure of 100 kilograms of cocaine in Cobb County. Members of the West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Office received information that a tractor-trailer was located off of Delk Road in Cobb County containing a large quantity of narcotics. Agents conducted surveillance throughout the day and observed three men identified as Ferrando Rodriguez, 39, of Gary, Indiana, Javier Leonardo Rodriguez-Buitrago, 24, of Dacula, Georgia and Jesus Ruben Rosillo, 50 of McAllen, Texas in and around the tractor-trailer.
  • Police officer and Infant Dies in DeKalb County - Lithonia authorities confirmed an off-duty police officer and an infant have both died after a crash outside Atlanta. Reports said that the two-vehicle wreck occurred late Saturday in DeKalb County. They added that 26-year-old Lithonia police Officer Jamell Dent died at the scene.
  • Southern Co. Announce Conservation Grants - In a continuous effort to support wildlife protection and natural resource conservation, Southern Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced $4.6 million in grants to establish and enhance more than 173,000 acres of longleaf pine. Among the grants are 11 projects within the Southern Company system service area in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. The 2015 grants will support 22 projects that are a part of NFWF`s Longleaf Stewardship Fund, a landmark public-private partnership that includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture`s Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service; the U.S. Department of Defense; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Southern Company; International Paper`s Forestland Stewards Initiative; and Altria Group.
  • Man Drowns in Cobb County River Identified - The body of a man who went missing while swimming with a friend in the Chattahoochee River in Cobb County has been identified. Police said that 20-year-old Devon Harvest was swimming in the river near Lower Roswell Road in the Gold Branch unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area on Friday evening.
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Coosa Valley News Local Sports
In the Mind of - Tony Potts
Despite all of the United States Supreme Court`s recent decisions, one thing that has remained the same is sports. Think about it.

For the past two weeks Americans have posted `pro` this and `the world is falling apart that`. However, besides this weekends Independence Day celebrations, the one thing that can bring our community together is sports.

While you may see a few confederate or rainbow flags at sporting events the most common flag is that of our favorite team. When I am in Athens watching my beloved Georgia Bulldogs I care less what a person`s personal lifestyle or history may be. The only thing I care is that they stand up and `Goooooooooooo Dawgs! sic um! Woof! woof! woof! With me.

I truly feel that is the case with most any sports fan. While we may `hate` an opposing team, our nation is never divided . Well, unless you start talking about which player should be benched or starting.

We all have our difference of opinion when it comes to political stand points. Just like we all have our opinions on which team we should root for. Some of that depends on the way we were raised. I know that I am doing my best to raise my children to root for the Dawgs, Red Sox, Falcons ect...

When we gather in our favorite college football team`s sports stadium this fall I have a gut feeling you will care less that the confederate flag isn`t flying outside (well, maybe unless you`re Ole Miss) or that a rainbow flag is hanging in a dorm room. we are looking for our nation to come together and give our boys an emotional boost that will propel them to a victory.

Maybe, just maybe, we should treat our county the exact same way. Our soldiers are fighting everyday for the freedoms of our country. We might not like the other guy, or not agree with the quarterback, but we as Americans should stick together on `game days`.

Trust me, I have a strong opinion about many things. I am not all about that warm fuzzies. I take pride in being a follower of Christ. I may not always agree with the `quarterback` or his `plays`, but there will be another game. We must back what we have and hope to improve on it. Most of all we stick by our team (country) win, lose or if you are a soccer fan, draw.

I hope everyone has a great and safe Independence Day weekend. Thank you to all our our solders, past, present and future. God bless America.

Follow me on Twitter @TheTonyPotts

Tony Potts

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    • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra members to Perform at Berry College - The Franklin Pond Quartet and the Franklin Pond Alumni Quartet will perform at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday (July 9) in the Ford Auditorium. The members of the Franklin Pond Quartet are also members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The concert will feature music from Beethoven, Mendelsshon, Mozart, Puccini, and more. The event is free and open to the public.

      Trail of Tears Meeting in Fannin County - The next meeting of the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 10:30 AM at the Epworth United Methodist Church in Epworth, Georgia. The speaker will be GA TOTA President Leslie Thomas who will present some history about the Cherokee Indians who lived in this area before the forced removal in 1838. She will also talk about the Trail of Tears Association: its mission, its accomplishments and its current and future projects.