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From Michigan to Georgia, Dr. Donald Green decided to pick up his life and move to northwest Georgia to take the role as President of Georgia Highlands College. Listen as Dr. Green speaks on his goal as president and where he invisions GHC going over the next few years.

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Iran Nuke Deal?  
 Russia - `Good Chance`

As negotiators entered the last before a self-imposed deadline for a tentative deal on the Iranian nuclear program, Russia`s foreign minister has said prospects of a preliminary agreement on Iran`s nuclear programme are `very good.`

Iran and six other nations, including the U.S. are trying to reach a deal that would allow Iran to continue a peaceful nuclear program while preventing the development of nuclear weapons. In exchange, sanctions would be lifted.

Western diplomats are telling CBS News that an extension of a few hours or even a few days past the 6pm Eastern is another possibility. The negotiation deadline has already been extended twice since an interim agreement was reached in November 2013.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wants to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon over the next 15 years, with the hope that conflicts between it and Israel, on one side, and Saudi Arabia on the other, might be reduced or eliminated. Iran wants all limits to be lifted after 10 years.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there are signs that Iran`s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is not letting his negotiators change any Iranian positions on critical issues.

Deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a tweet. `Long day ahead.`

US - `Long Day Ahead`

Floyd Bowling  and  Amusement Center Local News
Coosa Valley News - Presented by Northwest Georgia Credit Union
The Real Cost of Bad Credit: Stephanie Graves

Most people know they have a credit score, but many people fail to grasp how much their score could be costing them. Liz Pulliam Weston, best-selling author and MSN Money columnist, estimates the lifetime cost of bad credit at $201,712.

$201,712?!? I don`t know about you, but that`s a lot more than I would have expected.

We all know that as soon as you get your first loan or credit card, you begin establishing a credit score, and it follows you throughout your life. A good credit score can be the ticket to loan approvals and the best interest rates, but a poor score can do far more than raise the interest rate on a loan. It often determines rates for everything from homeowner`s and auto insurance to credit card accounts. It can even be a factor in obtaining employment, healthcare, and cell phone service.

    If the current economic woes weren`t bad enough for a consumer, the worst part is, that may just be the beginning - the woes actually could cause a person`s credit score to drop. Consider this:
  • If losing a job causes a person`s credit score to tank, future job opportunities might be in peril - especially if the company checks his or her credit score
  • Losing a house could make renting an apartment difficult after the landlord checks credit
  • Even if someone with bad credit finds a place to live (while paying a larger deposit because of that poor credit score), good luck with the utilities - most of them also check credit scores
    To keep your score looking good, consider this:
  • Maintain on-time, consistent payment history on all credit
  • Never use more than 50 percent of available credit
  • Monitor credit reports carefully; remember that is the free site to do this on.

    And if you need to improve a poor score:
  • Try calling your creditors to establish a payment plan and get on the road to resolving the problem. It may not be an overnight fix, but most credit bureaus focus on the last 24 months. If you resolve the problem, then you can start rebuilding your score
  • Find out if you qualify for some type of credit building loan. Establishing a positive repayment history can help you make progress with your score.
  • Men Arrested for Stealing from Motel - Floyd County Police have arrested two Rome men for allegedly stealing from a Rome motel. Russell Eugene Flachbart, 49, and James Alfred Smith, 51, are charged with stealing chairs, a mini-fridge, weed trimmers, a sandwich station, microwave ovens and electric heaters.
  • Floyd Co Schools selected for Ford Next Generation - The Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy has been selected a Ford Next Generation Learning Community that recognizes the school as one of only 20 in the country to be honored with this designation. The honor by the Ford Motor Company signifies the school is preparing young people for the challenges of the future. The school applied for the competitive Ford grant in the process of strategic planning.
  • DOT to Repair Six Roads in Floyd/Gordon Co. - Georgia DOT’s Maintenance crews will resume their work on repairing the deteriorating edges of pavement on State Route (SR) 293, SR 53 and SR 101 in Floyd County and SR 53, US 41 and SR 61 in Gordon County this week. Work will proceed daily between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., weather permitting.
  • Man Arrested for Murder of Cedar Bluff Man - Cherokee County, Alabama Sheriff Jeff Shaver announced that the Major Crimes Unit is investigating a homicide, after human remains were found in the Cedar Bluff area last weekend. A subsequent search by law enforcement along the roadside of County Road 82 led to the discovery of additional remains. On Monday, Terry Lee McKinney, 63, of Cedar Bluff, was arrested and charged with murder.
  • Shorter PreMed Students Presents National Research - Nikki Baldwin, of Adairsville, Ga., and Rachel Butler, of Eva, Ala., were selected to present after submitting abstracts to the conference, which was sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station and the University of Tennessee, Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries. Conference officials noted that it is uncommon for undergraduate students to be selected to present at this level.
  • Shorter Granted Reqest to Postpone Litigation - Shorter University was granted a request to postpone preliminary legal litigation by Federal Judge Harold L. Murphy on Monday. The request comes following numerous former students` filing a class action suit against the school after personal information was stolen from a school building last fall. The delay was sought by the University while the court looks at the request to dismiss the suit.
  • City Looks to Close on GE Property - Over 120 acres that was once the home of General Electric in West Rome will become the property of the city of Rome in April. Plans are to close on the property the first week of the month.
  • Teen Charged with Killing Girlfriend - Omar Ezzikouri, an 18 year-old Gwinnett County teen, has been arrested and charged with allegedly killing his girlfriend during a drug deal. Police said that Ezzikouri was charged with murder and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.
  • 2,000+ Jobs Avaible at Career Expo This Week - Job seekers in northwest Georgia will have excellent opportunities to get a job from among more than 2,000 jobs being offered by employers at a career expo in Catoosa County Thursday, April 2. The Northwest Georgia Career Expo, which will feature about 90 employers, will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Colonnade, 264 Catoosa Circle in Ringgold.
  • Rome Humane Society Member Cited- Animal Cruelty - Floyd County Humane Society member Benny Terry was recently cited for 57 counts of cruelty to animals and unsanitary conditions. Reports said that Terry was found with over 50 dogs and cats living in ‘unacceptable’ conditions at his Lewis Barrett Boulevard home. Officials removed 29 animas from the home because of the conditions and have been sent to foster homes, rescue organizations or a vet’s office. Terry has resigned as operations manager of the Rome-Floyd Humane Society.
  • Supreme Court Says No to New Trial for Rome Man - The Georgia Supreme Court has decided to not review the child molestation charges of former Rome businessman Lance Walker. This comes after the state appeals court denied Walker a new trial last December. Walker has now, unsuccessfully, tried to have a new trial three times since his 2013 sentence.
  • Kingsmakers to Wind Down Filming, Econ. Impact $1M - With ABC winding down its filing of ‘The Kingsmakers’ local tourism officials said that Rome and Floyd County has seen an estimated economic impact of close to a million dollars. Ann Hortman with the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau said that the impact includes money spent includes the film crew’s hotel accommodations, food services, leased locations, gas, and materials bought at local businesses.
  • 3 Charged with Home Invasion, Assault - Floyd County Police arrested three people over the weekend for trespassing at a woman’s East Drive home and then assaulting her. Reports said that Jeannette Penn, 62 of Rome, was told to leave the home, but later came back with Ovtavia Kemwada Kahn, 38, Demonte Penn, 23, and two children. The victim said that they then threatened her with a knife as she was holding her one-year old child. She went on to say that she then hit the woman and the woman’s child in the face numerous times.
  • Middle East Conflict Pushes Gas Prices Up - Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Libya caused oil prices to briefly spike last week, and Florida gas prices responded in kind. The average price for a gallon of gasoline rose 10 cents in Florida, but is about the same in Georgia and Tennessee. `The increase in oil came at a time when gasoline supplies in Florida are already tight,` said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA - The Auto Club Group. `March is the peak month for gasoline demand in Florida, because the weather warms up, people drive more, and there are more visitors for spring break and Major League Baseball Spring Training. Plus, it is still maintenance season, and refinery gasoline output is reduced.`
  • Floyd Loses Residents, Bartow Gains. More - According to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of citizens in Floyd, Polk and Chattooga Counties are declining while Bartow and Gordon are on the up. According to the report, Floyd County lost 254 residents after growing for the last three censuses.
  • Polk Co Public Works Director to Leave - Polk County Public Works director Karen Hubbard has given her two week notice and will soon be departing the county. Hubbard has been in the department for over four years and said that despite her attempts to implement certain changes they have fallen on deaf ears.
  • Dump Day a Huge Success for Lindale - Floyd County hosted a Free Residential Dump Day in Lindale over the weekend, which saw collections of close to 10 bins, each 30 cubic yards, filled. Residents from all over the county came to deposit old furniture, toilets, washers, TVs and more. Floyd County Public Works Director Michael Skeen said close to 25 tons of materials were dumped.
  • Polk County Quarantined Animal Shelter - After reporting two cases of Parvo in close to a week, the Polk County Animal Clinic has quarantined its facility and as a result no animals are being released for adoptions. Officials said that the first case was reported on March 21 after being brought to the facility on March 11. The second dog was diagnosed on March 25.
  • Silver Creek Man Charged with Drug Trafficking - Matthew Thomas Doss, 35 of Silver Creek, was arrested over the weekend on drug trafficking charges. Reports said that Doss was pulled over during a traffic stop on Alabama Highway at Vann Road. During a search, officers found one and a half ounces of suspected methamphetamine and numerous prescription medications.
Forum Civic Center Our Choices
  • Deal Tells Agencies to Prepare for Cannabis Law - Gov. Nathan Deal on Friday signed an executive order directing state agencies to begin preparations for enactment of H.B. 1, legislation that will allow the use of cannabis oil for eight medical conditions. Deal will sign the bill after the session to ensure that no conflicts arise with other pieces of legislation. `This executive order is the first step in bringing home families who’ve sought relief elsewhere and for providing new medical solutions for Georgians suffering from debilitating conditions,` Deal said. `I’ve instructed the Georgia Composite Medical Board and the Department of Public Health to begin taking immediate steps ahead of this law’s enactment. At the same time, law enforcement, health care providers and other stakeholders should make appropriate preparations.`
  • Aragon to Look at Sunday Sales Again - Citizens in Aragon will have a chance to yet again vote on Sunday alcohol sales within the city limits this year. This will make the third time voters will have a say in as many voting attempts. If approved this November, residents would begin being able to purchase alcohol on January 1, 2016.
  • Georgians now have a chance to aid failing schools - Gov. Nathan Deal on Wednesday celebrated House passage of legislation that will allow Georgians to vote next year on creation of an Opportunity School District (OSD) to rescue children from chronically failing public schools. Already passed by the Senate, the constitutional amendment will require support from a majority of voters in 2016.
  • Georgia Eliminates Graduation Test - Statement from Superintendent Woods regarding the passing and signing of HB 91, which was signed into law Monday, March 30. The law retroactively eliminates the Georgia High School Graduation Test as a requirement for students who took the test between 1994 (when the test was established) and the present. State Board Rule in 2011 eliminated the test as a requirement for graduation, but that elimination did not extend to students who had already taken the test.
Harbin Clinic Area News
Rome`s Extreme Fitness Makever - Week 11
The Rome Athletic Club and Coosa Valley News have again partnered to bring you the weekly video series, Extreme Fitness Makeover Challenge. Watch 10 Romans embark on a 12 week journey to change their lives forever. This week out warriors participate in their final challenge as well as an `inferno` workout in downtown Rome!

  • Georgia on Shortlist for Volvo Plant - Volvo Cars announced this week that it will build a $500 million plant in the United States, and Georgia is on the short list of locations being considered. According to other states being considered are Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Tyson Foods to Close Georgia Plant - Tyson Foods Inc. announced that they will close its Buena Vista location and cut a third shift from a Dawson, Georgia plant. The company announced that the cuts will result in the loss of close to 260 jobs in total.
  • Athens Police Searching for 10 Ft, 300 LB Rooster - Athens Police said that someone stole a 10 foot-tall, 300-pound metal rooster from its perch outside a local business. Lexington Vintage owner Bonnie Harris reported that `Rocket the Rusty Rooster` was taken sometime over the weekend.
  • Sandy Springs Police Looking for Squatter - Sandy Springs police is looking for a man who stole a $1.5 million home, one year after he did that to another victim. Reports said that Kevin Smalls broke into the home on Forest Hills Drive, changed the locks, and lived until he was discovered by a Realtor who came to show the foreclosed home.
  • Decatur Men Sentenced for Robbing Mail Carriers - William Wilkins, 28, and Michael Fairnot-Woods,27, both of Decatur, have been sentenced to 18 years and 15 years in federal prison, respectively, for their roles in an armed robbery spree that targeted U.S. Postal Service letters carriers in Decatur and Lithonia. The robberies were part of a scheme to steal a rival drug dealer`s marijuana that was being shipped illegally through the mail. The conspirators also sought to steal financial documents and blank checks that were then used for bank fraud and identity theft.
  • City of Atlanta Employees Arrested for Theft - Three Atlanta Department of Public Works employees were arrested Monday on theft charges. Reports said that the employees are accused of taking metals from the department`s Claire Drive location and then selling it to a recycling plant.
  • Fake Movers Indicted for Stealing in Metro Atlanta - Tasheen Raphael Pickett and Shedrick Giles have been arraigned on federal charges arising from the theft of personal property that was entrusted to them as they held themselves out to be professional movers. `While acting as a professional movers, the defendants allegedly took innocent victims` belongings-clothes, furniture, and other personal items-and simply never returned them,` said Acting U.S. Attorney John Horn.
  • USG Foundation Raises $1M+ for Needs Scholarships - In his opening remarks at the annual Regents` Scholarship Gala held at the College Football Hall of Fame, University System of Georgia Foundation Chair Regent James M. Hull announced that the USG Foundation raised more than $1million-a record-in corporate contributions. Funds raised at the event will be used to promote and provide needs-based scholarships for deserving students at the USG`s 30 colleges and universities.
  • Lockheed to Pay $2 Million for Overbilling Govnt. - Lockheed Martin Corporation has agreed to pay $2 million to settle allegations that it overbilled the government for fuel it used while manufacturing C-130 aircraft for the United States Air Force. Between 2006 and 2013, Lockheed manufactured C-130s for the U.S. Air Force at its Marietta facility. Pursuant to the underlying contracts, the Government provided Lockheed with up to 22,000 gallons of fuel per aircraft, which could be used for the engine runs, fuel operations and test flights necessary to manufacture C-130s. Once Lockheed exhausted its 22,000 gallon allotment on a particular aircraft, Lockheed, not the Government, was financially responsible for any additional fuel.
  • Cabela`s Announces Store Opening in NWGA - Cabela’s announced Monday plans to celebrate the official grand opening of its new Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., store on Wednesday, May 13, with a unique ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a weekend-long celebration featuring giveaways, family activities and more. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, hosted by Cabela`s executives and special guests, will begin at 9:45 a.m. and conclude with the grand-opening ribbon being cut by an arrow shot from a bow by a local Cabela’s employee.
  • Human Remains Found in Flowery Branch - Flowery Branch police confirmed that human remains were found over the weekend in a wooded area off Capitola Farm Road near Spout Springs Road. Flowery Branch Police Chief David Spillers said investigators believe they know who the man is, but they are not releasing an identity at this point.
  • Sheriffs Deputy Arrested for Selling Drugs - A Catoosa County Sheriff’s deputy, Joshua Wilson, was arrested late last week after he was allegedly found to be in possession of drugs. Reports said that Wilson was found to have Hydrocodone and Tramadol in which he allegedly was selling.
  • Alligator Snapper Recovery Slow in Georgia - More than two decades after Georgia protected alligator snapping turtles from commercial trapping, these heavyweight turtles with lightning-quick jaws are struggling to rebound in a former river stronghold. Researchers who caught and released alligator snappers on the Flint River last year recorded a catch rate only slightly higher than a similar study in 1989, according to a recent report. Survey leaders expected numbers that pointed to a stronger population.
Right at Home News - National  
Redmond Hosptial News - Entertainment  
Coosa Valley News Local Sports
  • Falcons to Lose Draft Pick for Fake Crowd Noise - The Atlanta Falcons will forfeit a fifth-round 2016 draft pick, pay a $350,000 fine and will be suspended from the NFL`s competition committee for three months for pumping in crowd noise at the Georgia Dome. The NFL announced the penalty on Monday.
  • Nick Voso claims SAA weekly defensive award - The SAA announced the men`s lacrosse Defensive Player of the Week for matches played March 23-29 and Berry`s Nick Voso captured the honor.
  • GHC to Host All Star Game - Georgia Highlands College Athletics will be hosting the Northwest Georgia Tip Off Club All-Star Basketball games on Saturday April 18th. The teams are made up of all-star players from across Northwest Georgia.
  • Bob Horner to Appear in Rome May 8th - The Rome Braves announce that former Atlanta Brave Bob Horner will appear in Rome on Friday night May 8th. Horner played for the Braves from 1978-1986 and was an integral part of the 1982 Western Division Championship team.
  • Home Team Excels at Shorter Invit. - Top finishes and new records came fast and furious Saturday at Barron Stadium when the Shorter Hawks and Lady Hawks track team turned in an impressive showing at the 4th annual Shorter Invitational. By the time the day-long meet came to an end, Shorter athletes and even a former standout rolled up 12 first place finishes and had picked up top three performances in 21 events during the program`s first home meet of the season.
  • Berry Baseball Splits Doubleheader - Berry College (15-12-1, 6-5-1 SAA) split a double-header matchup against Southern Athletic Associate foe, Rhodes College (22-6, 9-2 SAA). Rhodes--ranked ninth in the current national poll--took the first game, 1-0, but Berry rebounded and won the nightcap, 9-4. In the first game, it was a pitching duel between the Lynx and the Vikings. Ryan O`Connell (1-3) pitched a complete game allowing one run in his eighth inning. He surrendered five hits while striking out four.
  • Berry Softball Takes Four Game Sweep - The Berry College Vikings (18-5, 9-2 SAA) swept the four game weekend series against the Sewanee Tigers (0-14, 0-12 SAA). The Vikings took the Sunday doubleheader after defeating the Tigers, 21-0, in both games. In the first game, the offense clicked for BC by collecting 21 hits and 21 runs. Ally Claytor led Berry by going 3-for-3, collecting four RBIs. Claytor connected with a triple, double, and a single. Allison DeBusk showed her strength by knocking two home runs in the game.
  • Berry Women`s Golf Ends 3rd at UCSC Invite - The Berry College golf team finished in third place at the UC Santa Cruz Invitational, which concluded on Sunday at the Pacific Grove Golf Links. The Vikings shot an identical 342 from Saturday and closed with a final tally of 684. Full results Sydney Weaver again led BC. She shot an 82 on the final round and finished with a 162 tally, good enough for fifth place. Sydney Maluenda of George Fox took medalist honors (73-74--147).
  • Berry LAX Taks win with Big 4th Quarter - Berry College shut out visiting Hendrix in the fourth quarter en route to a 9-4 win on Sunday. The Vikings improved to 7-4 and 2-1 in the Southern Athletic Association. The Warriors dropped to 6-4 and 1-2 in the SAA.
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    • T-Rex Display for Kids at Rome Forum - This is an indoor event, the dinosaur exhibit and the bounce houses are all indoors. Friday April 3rd: 11am-9pm and Saturday April 4th: 11am-9pm.Beginning April 3rd– T. REX PLANET will l and at the Forum Civic Center in Rome, Georgia. There will be a range of fun and engaging activities designed to appeal to and engage all members of the family. This event simulates what it would be like to experience the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods first hand.

      Sulzbacher Roman Holiday is Open for Bookings - The Sulzbacher Roman Holiday, the City of Rome`s public excursion boat, is now open to book for the 2015 season for private excursions. Tickets are also on sale for the public Rolling on the River tour scheduled for May.